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Chemicals, Toxins & Free Radicals

Every year more evidence is added to the already large quantity of research published in peer review journals pointing to free radical damage as being the underlying mechanism for tissue injury, demise and subsequently… disease!

Picture free radicals as sparks from a welding process that are flying all around. If the sparks fall into the dirt (anti-oxidants) they are snuffed out uneventfully. If they, however, fall into the welder’s boot they cause burning of the skin (tissue damage).

In our bodies, free radicals are produced every second as a natural part of our immune system to kill infective organisms, as normal by-products of detoxification in the liver and as normal by-products of cellular work. Every time we exercise, especially heavily, we produce a lot of free radicals. Our body snuffs out all of these free radicals in the normal course of body functioning provided that the body has enough anti-oxidants and/or the building blocks for anti-oxidants to snuff out the free radicals.

The problem occurs when, over time, our diet does not provide adequate anti-oxidants nor the building blocks for anti-oxidants (especially trace minerals like selenium, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt). Our body gets behind and tissue damage gradually occurs. Add to this the many poisons we are exposed to especially agricultural pesticides and heavy metals (lead from paint, mercury from amalgam fillings and coal burning power plants, arsenic from pesticides and preservatives and some foods, cadmium from industrial wastes and cigarette smoke, aluminum from containers, immunizations and condiments), which are either directly free radicals or become free radicals in their detoxification process and our bodies are overwhelmed with free radical damage. Depending upon the genetic susceptibility of the person, their lifestyle and environment and their diet, the free radical damage shows up at different locations in different people.

Quote ref: Real Medicine Real Health
ISBN 0-9752523-0-5 by Dr. Arden Anderson


DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Antioxidant delivers a most-powerful concentrate of free radical scavenging ingredients; supplying anti-oxidant 95% proanthocyanidins standardized grape seed extract, with supporting bioflavonoids – citrus, lemon, hesperidin, rutin, and supporting nutrients in the form of red and blue berries (including bilberry extract), rosehip for natural vitamin C, a natural digestive enzyme, mineral and the vitamin supplying kelp.

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