Antioxidant Comparisons

Antioxidant Comparisons. The best antioxidant resveratrol mix at the time when I had started manufacturing was retailing for around $75.00. This was prohibitive for many of my clients to take on a daily basis, so I researched other antioxidants. Many had combined grape seed or grape skin OPC with pine bark. Research demonstrated that these two food groups are best not mixed together. Although pine bark is an effective antioxidant, it has never been part of our food chain and lacks the powerful gallic esters (the most active free radical scavengers) found in grape seed OPC so pine bark was discounted.

Grape skin contains lower antioxidant levels compared with the grape seed antioxidants therefore was replaced with, powerful supporting flavonoids such as hesperidin and rutin. Other antioxidant mixes contained B vitamins. As B vitamins should not be taken long term on a daily basis, these supplements were ruled out. Many imported antioxidants contain fillers and additives such as silicon dioxide to fill-out the capsules.

Dissatisfaction around the prohibitive price; low proanthocyanidins potency and unsuitable recipes in antioxidant supplements led me to produce the DONZ Natural OPC™ Super-Antioxidant. I was now able to better support clients by providing a NZ made, potent, GE-free preferred source of natural grape seed antioxidants with powerful supporting nutrients backed up by comprehensive research and clinical study.

Optimizing absorption of the powerful food sourced OPC (also known as PCO’s) grape seed extract, by including various bioflavonoids, food sourced vitamins, minerals, amino acids and an important digestive enzyme, has resulted in a synergistic mix that may be used daily by young and old. Capsule strength: 70mg of 95% proanthocyanidins standardized grape seed extract per capsule ( 60 capsules per bottle), ), 500 mg of supporting, synergistic natural ingredients per capsule.


Size: 60 capsules – Price: $35.00 (Food Export Certification)

Single bottles @ NZ $35 plus $4.40 Courier

10 or more bottles @ NZ$28.00 each plus $6.00 Courier

We also supply wholesale to approved retailers