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Premature Aging & 70 Diseases

Excessive free radical damage results in premature aging and over 70 degenerative diseases. With free radical chain reactions being the first stage of all disease, your body needs anti-oxidants to protect it from those free radicals accelerated by:

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Over-exercise
  • Injury
  • Toxins
  • Smoking
  • Lifestyle
  • Synthetic Chemical Commercial Body Products
  • Sunburn
  • Genetic factors

Premature Aging and the 1st stage of all disease = Free radicals!

To the rescue…

Introducing an antioxidant that counteracts those free radicals!

  • OPC is the halthy-aging vitamin” (Ref. Prof. Jack Masquelier OPC in Practice). Aging of tissues involves free radical activity.
  • OPC grape seed extract supports youthful skin, cell health, elasticity, and flexibility
  • OPC grape seed extract proanthocyanidins help protect the body from sun damage and suppport healthy vision.

Premature aging produces outward signs of surface or deep wrinkles, age spots on the skin (particular the hands) and indicates significant free radical activity. Free radicals are active throughout our entire organism and ‘attack’ the cell membrane lipids that oxidize then become damaged. Because OPC grape seed extract fights ‘oxygen radicals’ it has a role to play in protecting cells that have significant free radical damage.

The main actions of OPC grape seed are stabilizing collagen, as a tonic and astringent for veins and as a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants counter free radical damage. Free radicals are active throughout our entire organism and ‘attack’ the cell membrane lipids that then oxidize and become damaged or die.

OPC grape seed supports the health of the capillaries thus supporting circulation of the blood and protecting the epithelial cells of the small blood vessels from damage that is caused by free radicals.

We recommend that all age groups take DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Anti-oxidant every day as the essential supplement to counter free radical chain reactions – accelerated by stress, injury and toxins and which are precursors to over 70 degenerative disease conditions including premature aging.

You could have beautiful skin that glows naturally with reduced appearance of scaring and wrinkles and stretch marks. Premature aging can be avoided.

Extensive research suggests that grape seed extract has the ability to bond with collagen and it also supports youthful skin, cell health, elasticity, and flexibility. Other studies show that grape seed extract proanthocyanidins help protect the body from sun damage and help support healthy vision.

Prevention is better than cure. You could protect your health – your greatest asset – your best investment in life.

Supplement daily with DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Antioxidant; with 70mg of standardized New Zealand grown grape seed extract per capsule; with 500mg of carefully chosen synergistic and supporting natural ingredients, to get the best out of grape seed extract. This is the best of the antioxidants and is better in combination with the specifically chosen ingredients in DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Antioxidant. We use grape seed extract because it is more beneficial for you, although it is more expensive to produce than is pine bark, or resveratrol (skin).

Debs Chase-Paterson has created the Kiwikitz™ range of unique and natural health products including a full range of herbals extracts including New Zealand Native Plant Remedies called Rongoa which are free from additives and fillers, and which we recommend in combination with DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Antioxidant depending upon your individual health.

Debs has also created a unique Day Spa that uses natural therapy body therapies to gently support detoxification and to promote better health and well being.

The DAY SPA NATURAL DETOX CENTRE is the ultimate day spa ‘pamper while you detox’ and is highly recommended as a beneficial day dedicated to optimising detoxification using natural therapy modalities that both pamper and relax. An unforgettable experience… You deserve it!

We are confident at Natural Therapies that we make the strongest, best value antioxidant, with the best mix of supporting synergistic natural ingredients. Take DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Antioxidant daily to protect your good health.


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