Healthy Vision/Eye Health

DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Antioxidant recipe contains many valuable nutrients widely recommended to enhance and maintain healthy vision.

  • Bilberry is included in the DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Antioxidant recipe. Bilberry extract has attracted significant research over the past 10 years and has demonstrated consistent positive results in various eye health issues.
  • Bilberry and other berries found in this OPC antioxidant have been found to have vaso-protective, anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema and antioxidant actions and are indicated for many eye conditions including macular degeneration, diabetic or hypertensive retinopathy, glaucoma and night blindness.
  • OPC Grape seed extract has vaso-protective and antioxidant actions and in addition is indicated for macular degeneration and over-all eye health.
  • With the additional nutrients added to the DONZ Natural OPC™ Super Antioxidant recipe i.e. Vitamin C, mixed bioflavonoids, bromelain and kelp (supplying selenium and iodine naturally), this antioxidant-rich capsule is recommended daily as the optimum health giving supplement for an array of health issues including optimal eye health.


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