Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use these OPC Antioxidants with other herbal products and supplements?

Answer: Yes. DONZ OPC™ Super-antioxidant can be safely used with other herbal products or supplementation. Caution: Be aware if using imported products as many contain drug medication or ingredients banned in New Zealand and these may not be shown on the label


Question: Can I use DONZ OPC™ Super-antioxidant in conjunction with my existing drug medication?

Answer: When used as prescribed, DONZ OPC™ Super-antioxidant can be safely used when taking existing medication. We advise taking any supplement or herbal at a different meal time or at least 1 and /1/2 hours away from prescribed medication. If taking warfarin, please check with your physician before taking this product or any other natural health product


Size: 60 capsules – Price: $35.00 (Food Export Certification)

Single bottles @ NZ $35 plus $5 Courier

10 or more bottles @ NZ$28.00 each plus $6.50 Courier

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