Acu-Plus™ – Self Treatment: Traditional Energy Point Stimulation Expand

Acu-Plus™ – Self Treatment: Traditional Energy Point Stimulation



Acu-Plus™- Self treatment traditional energy point stimulation with instructions is available through Natural Therapies Ltd. Used extensively globally by both professionals and by the public conveniently at home.

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The kit includes Simple Health Maintenance. The updated manual making self-treatment of up to 200 common health problems simply available, and very effective, in the comfort of your home.

The second device developed by Dr Dean Richards following his 20 years medical acupuncture experience. An upgrade of his first device developed in 1985.


  • Pocket size and battery operated
  • No need to hold the device
  • All treatment via an extension probe
  • Earthed via a convenient wrist strap
  • Automatic 45 second treatment timer
  • Wide sensitivity control
  • Very wide intensity control
  • Tonify/Disperse switch to reverse current flow
“The newer device, the Acu-Plus™, clearly does produce sufficient electrical output to produce nerve stimulation and hence many of the known effects of acupuncture may well accrue from its use.” – Continuing Medical Acupuncture Education. The only device authorized to use Dr. Dean Richard's popular book SIMPLE HEALTH MAINTENANCE.

Very competitive price for value. I do not know anyone who has more respect for the Acu-plus™ and for the treatment manual Simple Health Maintenance by Dr Dean Richards than I do. I had initially used an earlier model the Acu-health™ following recommendation from a friend when I was chronically ill with what several specialists in 4 public hospitals had diagnosed as psoriatic seronegative aggressive polyarthritis and when it was very hard to even reach my feet. One senior physician had told me that I would never walk again and that I should stop fighting and accept it and another specialist in another hospital had told me that I stood to loose both of my feet if I did not take the allopathic chemical drug medication recommended. Later without having taken that medication and when I started up in business as a Natural Therapies Practitioner I was treating people with the Acu-health™ for up to 7 days per week and in several different locations. I worked in my Te Puke clinic during the week and I travelled to different centres to treat people during weekends at markets and at expos. It is because of the testimonies that I have heard from my clients that I am now so very keen to promote the Acu-plus™ further. I believe that it is most important that the thousands of years of acupuncture experience that have been recorded by Dr Dean Richards in his illustrated guide to acupressure and acupuncture treatment programs titled Simple Health Maintenance is shared on an ongoing basis with as many people as possible. It is a comprehensive fully illustrated manual of treatment programs using electronic acupuncture energy point stimulation for temporary relief of pain and minor illness for individuals, families and professionals. Acu-plus™ energy point stimulation is the natural treatment for the temporary relief of pain based on traditional acupuncture energy point stimulation. Acu-plus™ energy point stimulation is based on internationally accepted principles of acupuncture therapy. Acu-plus™ is a major advancement in the home treatment of pain and minor illnesses from sinusitis to temporary relief of rheumatic pain. Whenever standard acupuncture is indicated or found useful, Acu-plus™ may be used and like acupuncture, Acuplus™ restores the balance of energies flowing within the body through the electronic stimulation of energy points. However being non invasive it does not penetrate the skin and can be used by the whole family in the home or while travelling. Based on the principles of acupuncture, Acu-plus™ works by accurately locating the energy points of the body. It automatically stimulates these points thereby restoring the bodies’ vital energy flow. Good health and well-being are largely dependant upon a balance of energies flowing within the body, whether electrical, magnetic, or the vital energy of life “CHI” as described by the Chinese and recorded in this comprehensive fully illustrated manual of treatment programs.

Don Paterson SRFHbt SNTR NZ Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner Natural Therapies.

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