Let me introduce you to our product, New Zealand’s own DONZ NATURAL OPC™ Super Antioxidant, manufactured by Natural Therapies Ltd, Te Puke, since 1987.

DONZ NATURAL OPC™ came about in response to a need to find the ideal OPC Grape Seed Extract recipe, which could then be used generally as a broad based daily supplement.

After much research the DONZ NATURAL OPC™ recipe was put together and released in New Zealand, with a Food Export Certificate no. 1900092, which enabled us to sell the product globally.


Many supplements contain OPC that has been derived from pine bark which lacks the gallic esters of proanthocyanidins, recently described as the most powerful anti-oxidant known.  Pine Bark has never been consumed as a food source.  However, grapes and their seeds with gallic esters have historically been a universal food and are still widely consumed particularly in France, where that country enjoys a high quality of health and well being, in comparison with most other countries in the developed world.

The grape seed extract that is found in red wine has been implicated while researching these excellent health statistics, as having contributed to these statistics.  In fact the French paradox is a term that is commonly used when comparing their diet full of cheese, bread, meat, alcohol and with a high proportion of smokers, with their comparatively low rate of heart disease for example.  Grapes and their seeds that are crushed in the process of wine making could create a research link to this paradox.

For the above reasons, only Grape Seed Extract OPC™ was chosen for the DONZ NATURAL OPC™ recipe.  Many supplements have between 10 mg and 50 mg of grape seed extract per capsule and some are at a lower percentage.  Our product DONZ NATURAL OPC™ contains 70 mg of 95% proanthocyanidin grape seed extract per capsule, to ensure a stronger base for our unique recipe.

Bioflavinoids and Vitamin C occur naturally in fruits and vegetables.  Rosehips are coupled with Red and Blue Berries and these compounds compliment each other to provide a range of phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, bioflavinoids and Vitamin C.

Bromelain Digestive Enzyme is added to assist digestion which in turn may be helpful in terms of absorption.  NZ Kelp completes the recipe and has minerals in phytonutrient form.

So please enjoy our product DONZ NATURAL OPC™, follow a healthy broad diet, lead an active life and God speed your good health. Recommended reading:  ‘OPC in Practice’ by Bert Schwitters in collaboration with Professor Jack Masquelier IBSN no. 88-86035-13-6.

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