Natural Therapies Lymphaciser Recommendations

It has been recommended that the mat fibres be aligned north south west east for best performance but I had used a Lymphaciser for many years to incredibly good effect before I became aware of that recommendation. I believe that it is the rebounding motion below 4-Gs that is most beneficial as NASA has researched and that every bounce is beneficial. I also believe that trampolining over 4-Gs could be less beneficial and that trampolining on a Natural Therapies Lymphaciser could cause springs to break or cause short webbings to pull away from the mat. I do align the mat fibres north south west east on my own Lymphaciser as it is just as easy to do as not to. When I manufacture Natural Therapies Lymphacisersâ„¢ I sew a leather patch on the mat in line with the fibres to make it easier for clients.

The six legs do screw off the Natural Therapies Lymphaciserâ„¢ ring if you ever wanted them to. I leave mine permanently set up in my lounge where I use it daily and I recommend that you do same. If it was ever in the way then it can stand on its side against two legs ends, or it can be lent against a wall.

There are two models of Natural Therapies Lymphaciserâ„¢ to best suit your body weight. It really depends upon personal preference but if you weigh under 70 kg, I recommend the light 48 spring Natural Therapies Lymphaciserâ„¢. If you are over 70 kg, I recommend the heavy 48 spring but either model would be fine. If you are big the heavy 48 spring would maintain mat tension longer than would the light 48 spring and if you are light you might like less tension in the mat and so prefer the light 48 spring.

The more that you lift your knees while jogging off the front of your feet, then the more that you will work the springs and the more that you will get out of lymphacising on a Natural Therapies Lymphaciser in my experience.

There is information about the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser posted on my website that references books on the subject. There is also information posted on DONZ Natural OPC® Super Antioxidant that I recommend to you in conjunction with lymphacising. I have heard recommendations about both products from clients for over three decades.

The Natural Therapies Lymphaciserâ„¢ is more than just a rebounder. There are numerous different rebounders in the world but there is only one Natural Therapies Lymphaciserâ„¢. It has been designed and tested with input from several different people over 5 decades to create the ultimate health promoting Lymphaciser with the greatest healing effect and without producing any side effects.

I believe that the Natural Therapies Lymphaciserâ„¢ could be most beneficial for you and that it is the best exercise that you could be doing daily to maintain your health and fitness. I have one in my lounge for that reason, and I use it daily. I now encourage all to lymphacise daily on the original Natural Therapies Lymphaciser.

I recommend that you could start lymphacising for a few minutes three times daily and build up to lymphacising for 10 minutes three times daily. I have done up to half an hour lymphacising 3 times daily, but I have been lymphacising for 30 plus years and in those early days I was committed to regaining my health.

Of late I have been lymphacising for half an hour or longer before bed and/or before breakfast for my health maintenance. I jog off my toes while lifting my knees and driving the opposite foot into the mat which gives me the beneficial bounce of rebounding. I hold a light dumbbell in each hand and I simultaneously work my arms and upper body harder than I otherwise would. I then shower and if at night I believe that I sleep more deeply because I have been lymphacising.

I am now fit and well and I have been so for decades. I take DONZ Natural OPC® Super Antioxidant and I lymphacise daily to I maintain my good health. I invite you to read the information that I have posted on DONZ Natural OPC® Super Antioxidant and on the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ which I recommend to all.

Kindest regards

Don Paterson
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