I had restarted lymphacising when I couldn't stand after four weeks in two public hospitals followed by three weeks in rest homes.

I had supported myself with a crutch on either side of the mat and with my head in the corner of a motel bedroom. I had bounced without my head moving on the wall for 10 minutes 3 x daily which had initially required a major effort before exhaustion and sleep.

After 3 weeks I was able to stop using crutches although I still had considerable discomfort. I am now fit and well and I have been so for decades. I take DONZ Natural OPC® Super Antioxidant and I lymphacise daily to I believe maintain my good health.

I invite you to read the information that I have posted on DONZ Natural OPC® Super Antioxidant and on the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ which I recommend to all.

Kindest regards

Don Paterson
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