In 1988 Dr Rankin in Kawakawa Hospital diagnosed psoriatic arthritis with feet, knees, left shoulder and neck pain. Drs Orpin, MacDonald and Cook in Northland Base Hospital Whangarei confirmed the diagnosis of psoriaform skin lesions, restricted range of movement in left shoulder, bilateral knee joint effusions with pain on flexion and extension, swollen feet, pain in the subtalar joints and acutely tender over the MTP joints, fusiform swelling of the toes, unable to weight bear because of painful feet, ESR 134, x-rays of lucent metaphyseal bands of most of the large joints with marked subperiosteal resorption of bone in the feet and demineralisation of the metatarsal heads, seronegative arthritis and aggressive polyarthritis.

I had continued to refuse drug medication as I believed that the treatment would have been worse than the disease. Dr Orpin said that I should stop fighting and accept that I would never walk again and after 3 weeks he sent me to Auckland Hospital in an ambulance.

Dr Grigor a Rheumatologist, Drs Ollinger, Cohey and Fitzgerald examined me in Auckland Hospital for a week and confirmed the diagnosis. I discharged myself on crutches and arranged rest home care in Kerikeri and I resumed employing natural therapies.

Dr Graham in Tauranga Hospital later supplied me with orthotics in an attempt to arrest deformity that had happened in my feet. He showed me x-rays of my feet and he told me that if I did not accept the drug medication recommended then I stood to lose both of my feet. He also recommended QE2 Hospital in Rotorua. I declined.

I employed dietary manipulation, natural therapy treatments and dietary supplementation and I have since completely recovered. I recommend that you now also supplement daily with DONZ Natural OPC® Super Antioxidant as I do. I recommend that you lymphasize, self-treat with electro acupressure and also with Kiwikitz™ dietary supplements as required.

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