I was introduced to the Lymphaciser when I was 26 by a best friend of mine who was retailing them in his health shop. He told me how beneficial they are and because my parents had retired I had encouraged them to purchase one for their own health maintenance. In those days the late Ross Rieger had been producing them and he had with input from others done years of testing and fine tuning to get them just right.

Two years later I was hospitalised, and diagnosed with “psoriatic, seronegative, aggressive poly arthritis with an ESR of 134” and with numerous symptoms of degeneration. I was told that I would “never walk again” and that I should “stop fighting and accept it” and that I “stood to lose both of my feet” by specialists in three different public hospitals (Ranken, Orpin, MacDonald, Grieger, Ollinger, Cohey, Fitzgerald, Cook and other younger doctors).

I discharged myself and went into a rest home unable to stand without considerable pain. I hired a Lymphaciser and started using it three times daily. I read ‘The Golden Seven Plus One by Dr C. Samuel-West’ and I learnt about doing the health bounce as well as other bounces and about hand placements while bouncing etc.

I have tried lots of different bounces on a Lymphaciser and I have concluded that every bounce is beneficial. The ones that I have found most beneficial are the ones that I repeat daily.

I recommend that you could build up to lymphacising for 10 minutes 3 times daily. I have done up to half an hour lymphacising 3 times daily, but I have been lymphacising for 30+ years and in those early days I was committed to regaining my health. Of late I have been lymphacising for half an hour before bed and/or breakfast for my health maintenance and to unwind for deep sleep after a busy day. I jog off my toes while lifting my knees and driving the opposite foot into the mat which gives me the beneficial bounce of rebounding. I hold a light dumbbell in each hand and so I simultaneously work my arms and upper body harder than I otherwise would. I have found that the higher that I lift my knees and so the harder that I jog off my toes then the more ongoing benefit that I feel from it. I might occasionally do the health bounce afterwards before stepping off the Lymphaciser but it is most often quite late at night and I am keen to shower before bed where I sleep very deeply after lymphacising.

After using Lymphacisers for 30+ years I now enjoy excellent full health. After Ross Rieger had died I bought the intellectual property from his son Chris so that I could keep Lymphacisers available to the public and to my clients, many of whom had told me how essential that they believed that Lymphacisers were to their health and wellbeing.

One woman who’d had a Lymphaciser for 30 years had then replaced it with another from the States @ $1,200 and she has since replaced that again with a Lymphaciser from me @ $595 because she had not experienced the same feeling of wellbeing from the other model as she had from the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™. I quote with her permission from her email received:

"Hi Don,

Here is my testimonial.

I first found out about Lymphatic Rebounding in the 80s. They were all the rage back then.

Since then I have used them on and off over the years.

Well now just recently over the past 6 months I purchased once again the Lymphatic Rebounder. I can honestly say once I got bouncing on it and after a few days I felt this amazing energy come over me and the results from this far outweigh the results of a bungy cord rebounder.

I’m about to order the Balance Bar from Don so that I can fly off the Lymphaciser doing some pretty cool moves.

I’m so grateful to Don that he has continued to make and sell the amazing Lymphatic rebounders. They are the best!

My daughter also has one and swears by them!!

I have more energy to bounce for a long time on the LR.

Kind regards