The Natural Therapies Clinic in Te Puke has been retailing a variety of anti-oxidants for several years.  We soon realised that the strengths were either insufficient, or that the recipes were not always compatible with the wide range of health benefits and support that our clients were looking for.

After careful research, we started manufacturing the DONZ Natural OPC™ product.  We incorporated a wide range of anti-oxidants and bioflavonoids, to potentiate the grape seed extract.  We avoided using pine bark extract, although it was cheaper to access, as the lack of gallic esters in pine bark meant that clients would have had to increase their dosages to gain a similar effect to the DONZ Natural OPC™.

OPC’s from pine bark are sometimes used in supplements.  Please beware that pine bark OPC’s do lack gallic esters.  Research shows that they are up to 18% less effective in terms of their anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory action.  This means those wanting support for joint mobility and clear breathing, plus other health support need to take extra capsules at extra cost, to get the same benefits.  Grapes have always been an essential part of our diet whereas we have never ingested pine bark as a food source.

We supplement daily with DONZ Natural OPC™ to support our own health and we recommend it to everyone for everything as a support for the body.  Testimonies from satisfied clients support this.

When weight loss occurs, it is thought that the fat may release toxins, heavy metals, chemical residues including sprays, etc. which need to be safely removed from the system so that they don’t accumulate elsewhere in the body.  DONZ Natural OPC™ may assist in this process.

Exercise demands a good body store of vitamins and minerals which may deplete, particularly magnesium.  Magnesium is the mineral that is required to feed and support muscle function.  Kelp is part of the recipe to provide these essential minerals including selenium and many vitamins that are needed daily.  Vitamin C is included in the supplement as a synergiser and to aid in the detox process.

Are you dragging yourself through the day?  Free radicals are implicated in a number of health problems.  It is no wonder we feel tired.

DONZ Natural OPC’s™ actual recipe is why excellent results are obtained.  DONZ Natural OPC™ has been formulated to assist in retaining nutrients in the body from vitamins and minerals in our food, which in turn give us energy because our body then has time to utilise those nutrients.  This is a role that bioflavonoids play in nature.  Bioflavonoids role is to keep vitamins and minerals in the body longer.  The bioflavonoids in DONZ Natural OPC™ may reduce inflammation caused by injuries, over exercising, etc.

STAY SAFE:  Use New Zealand’s own DONZ Natural OPC™.  The results speak for themselves.

Recommended reading:  ‘OPC in Practice’ by Bert Schwitters in collaboration with Professor Jack Masquelier IBSN no. 88-86035-13-6.

DONZ Natural OPC™ is designed and manufactured for you, by the Natural Therapies Clinic, Te Puke, New Zealand and is available from all good health shops and chemist.  Ask for DONZ Natural OPC™ by name!