You could have beautiful skin that glows naturally with reduced scaring and wrinkles and stretch marks. Premature ageing can be avoided.

Extensive research suggests that grape seed extract has the ability to bond with collagen and it also promotes youthful skin, cell health, elasticity, and flexibility. Other studies show that grape seed extract proanthocyanidins help protect the body from sun damage and help improve vision.

Prevention is better than cure. You could protect your health – your greatest asset – your best investment in life. Any symptom of sickness and disease is a reduction in the value of that asset.

Supplement daily with DONZ Natural OPC ® Super Antioxidant; with 70mg of standardised New Zealand grown grape seed extract per capsule; with 500mg of carefully chosen synergistic and supporting natural ingredients to get the best out of grape seed extract. This is the best of the antioxidants and is better in combination with the specifically chosen ingredients in DONZ Natural OPC ®. We use NZ grown grape seed extract because it is more beneficial for you, although it is more expensive to produce than is pine bark, or resveratrol (skin).

We are confident at Natural Therapies that we make the strongest, best value antioxidant, with the best mix of supporting synergistic natural ingredients. Take DONZ Natural OPC ® Super Antioxidant daily to protect your good health.

You don’t just deserve good health – we have to earn it. I had been hospitalised as a cripple 25 years ago with an ESR of 134. I was unable to weight bear, had lucent metaphyseal bands of most of my large joints, with marked subperiosteal resorption of bone in both feet, and demineralisation of my metatarsal heads. I was told by a senior physician that I would never walk again and that I should stop fighting and accept it. His diagnosis was psoriatic, seronegative, aggressive poly-arthritis.

The diagnosis was confirmed in 3 different public hospitals by several specialists who offered me allopathic synthetic chemical drug symptom suppression, which I refused, but they were unable to offer cure. It made little sense to me to take synthetic chemicals because we are what we eat and I wanted my health back.

I wanted to regain and maintain my health naturally and not to just treat symptoms. I endured the pain which was a great motivator for change while I investigated natural health care. I employed a range of natural forms of therapy and dietary supplementation, and I investigated dietary cause. I have made a video about it to present natural treatment option understanding to you, around regaining and maintaining good health.

As a result of that experience, I want you to have the best antioxidant protection, with the best mix of supporting synergistic natural ingredients, at the best possible price. I recommend that you take DONZ Natural OPC ® Super Antioxidant every day.

I am now fit and well and strong and deformities and pain have gone. I am a New Zealand Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner with a Natural Therapies Clinic in Te Puke which I share with my wife Deb, who is a New Zealand Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner. I have spent more than 20 years treating people with Antioxidants, Electro- Acupressure, Lymphasizer, Invertex, Water Purifier, and Homeobotanical Herbal remedies and with dietary supplements.

Deb has created the Kiwikitz™ range of unique and completely natural dietary supplements, which are free from additives and fillers, and which we recommend in combination with DONZ Natural OPC ® Super Antioxidant depending upon your individual health. I now recommend very affordable DONZ Natural OPC ® and Kiwikitz™ natural health products to you; because I believe they are your best choice in absolutely natural health care at the most competitive price.

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