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Hi Fiona

I have noticed my mistake below. I had been referring to the xenpod as you had previously by text, and not to the bellicon which is completely different because it has bungy instead of springs. 

The Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ was designed and tested by Kinesiologists. The bellicon was not. 

There is a testimony from a client of mine who’d had a Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ for a long time and then she had been encouraged to purchase a bellicon at greater expense delivered and then she had gone back to the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™. I quote:

Jamila 28/03/2019

They are the best!

I first found out about Lymphatic Rebounding in the 80s. They were all the rage back then.

Since then I have used them on and off over the years.

Well now just recently over the past 6 months I purchased once again the Lymphatic Rebounder. I can honestly say once I got bouncing on it and after a few days I felt this amazing energy come over me and the results from this far outweigh the results of a bungy cord rebounder.

I’m about to order the Balance Bar from Don so that I can fly off the Lymphaciser doing some pretty cool moves.

I’m so grateful to Don that he has continued to make and sell the amazing Lymphatic rebounders. They are the best!

My daughter also has one and swears by them!!

I have more energy to bounce for a long time on the LR.

Hi Fiona

There is no need to apologise. As manufacturer and retailer, I would of course have liked to have made the sale, but my main concern is for your wellbeing. As stated below they are the same Lymphaciser. You have it seems been duped into paying more than you needed to. 

I do hard, physical exercise on mine every time that I use it and until I perspire which is usually about an hour. I also occasionally do the health bounce before I get off the Lymphaciser. If you are ever travelling through Te Puke, I would love to meet you and to show you that you could have had a rebounder that is built for more rigorous style exercise @ a more competitive price.

My reason for not proceeding is I want to use it for hard, physical exercise and not just the health bounce. I do want to also do the healthbounce type movement so may get a 2nd hand one as a secondary rebounder. But primarily, I am after a rebounder that is built for more rigorous style exercise. Thanks, Fiona

Hi Fiona

I wonder when you are going to proceed with me, please. I am in the office until 5 pm daily if you would like to phone me. 

Wonderful. Thank you. That's all I needed to hear. I am going to proceed with you. 

I am out at the moment but when I get home, I will be able to proceed on my laptop. 

Hi Fiona, Please rest assured that the only difference is price. They are the same Lymphaciser that was designed and manufactured by Pacific Health before I bought the business and the intellectual property from Pacific Health. Both can be used to do specific rebounder classes and exercises. I supply comprehensive exercise recommendations with the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™. I also want you to have the best for your money. I also like the energetics side of it and I very much respect what the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ has done for me over four decades. The springs are wound one way for the southern hemisphere and the opposite way for the northern hemisphere. “More designed for the health bounce,” which is what xenpod claims, seems deliberately misleading to me. If you could please supply me with the page reference, then I will see if I can have it removed as it is a blatant untruth.

Jun 13, 2024 12:38 PM Don Paterson Note

Hi again, Thank you for your detailed responses. Just to clarify, so you do the same as the "xenpod" with the north south on the matt fibres? I actually thought that the "energetic" claims made by xenpod were to do with the springs direction. gosh there's a lot to learn. So also if I understand correctly, there is very little difference between yours and theirs? Also is yours able to be used to do specific rebounder classes? Like you can see classes on YouTube? or is yours more designed for the health bounce, which is what xenpod claims? Thanks for your time and effort. I want the best for my money and I do like the energetics side of it. Regards Fiona

12 Jun 2024 11:30 am Don Paterson Note

Hi Fiona, Thank you for your enquiry. Both were made by the same company for different people. Ian Pettit was a reseller who created the impression that he was the manufacturer and the person who purchased his website has carried on with the charade. Lymphacisers had originally been developed and manufactured by the same NZ company Pacific Health & Fitness over 40+ years. I have purchased all rights to the Lymphaciser from the original manufacturing company Pacific Health. I retail them for a lot less than do others. Pacific Health had been manufacturing for their own sales as the RH48, as well as for mine as the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ as well as for Ian Pettit who had called it other names including xenpod for a point of difference. Ian Pettit sold his website in retirement to someone else who had then used different firms other than the original to manufacture some non-metal components. The purchaser had still used Ian’s website posts and has charged up to $900 per Lymphaciser I believe. For that reason, only, I believe that they are different. Metal components had been produced by the same manufacturing engineers and Lymphaciser manufacture had been purchased from Pacific Health before I had purchased the intellectual property from Chris Rieger. I have trade marked the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ and so now I am not sure if they should be trading with Lymphacisers at all because I own the intellectual property for that design. It had been recommended by Ian Pettit that the mat fibres be aligned north south, west east for best performance, but I had used a Lymphaciser for many years to very good effect before I became aware of that recommendation. I believe that it is the rebounding motion below 4-Gs that is most beneficial as NASA has researched. I also believe that trampolining over 4-Gs could be less beneficial and that trampolining on a Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ could cause springs to break or cause short webbings to pull away from the mat. I do align the mat fibres north south, west east on my own Lymphaciser as it is just as easy to do as not to. When I manufacture Natural Therapies Lymphacisers™ I sew a leather patch on the mat in line with the fibres to make it easier for clients

12 Jun 2024 11:29 am Don Paterson Note

Hi there, Thanks for your email. I am ready to purchase and weighing up between yours and the xenpod. Is there anything you can tell me that sets yours apart from the xenpod, next generation of lymphaciser? Thanks, Fiona

7 Jun 2024 12:35 pm Don Paterson Note

Hi Fiona

Thank you for your enquiry. $695 is my best price and it is very competitive in comparison to other rebounders of less quality and without the testing that has gone into the original Natural Therapies Lymphaciser. I have just checked that freight to Christchurch has gone to $79.

It really depends upon personal preference but if you weigh under 70 kg then I recommend the light 48 spring Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™. If you are over 70 kg, then I recommend the heavy 48 spring but either of the 48 springs would be fine. If you are big the heavy 48 spring would maintain mat tension longer than would the light 48 spring. If you are light, you might like less tension in the mat and so prefer the light 48 spring Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™...

7 Jun 2024 12:35 pm Don Paterson Note

Message: Hi, I saw your lymphaciser on trade me and wanted to come direct to you to avoid trademe fees and make the purchase cheaper as $695 plus $65 shipping to get to Christchurch is too expensive for me and I would look for an alternative. Could you please advise your best price? Thanks, Fiona from Christchurch. 

36 or 48 spring strong steel springs coiled with ‘tapered’ ends to provide extensive durability and longevity. How to choose a size: If you weigh under 50 kg we would recommend the 36 spring, or if over 50 kg the light 48 spring or if you are over 70 kg we would recommend the 48-heavy spring.


  • Time proven, original design and manufactured for over 40 years!
  • Original, purpose-built, New Zealand made RH48 Rainbow Lymphaciser
  • Competitively priced offering you best value for money
  • Highest quality materials
  • Replacement parts available for our trademarked Natural Therapies Lymphaciser
  • Providing a 2-year warranty (see terms & conditions)
  • Variety of size for different body weights


The Natural Therapies Anti-static Lymphaciser™ works on four levels:

Lymphatic drainage

Aerobic activity

Electromagnetic energy

Static electricity reduction

Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic system plays a critical role in our body. This system has no pump of its own and relies on axillary pumping only, such as arterial pulsation (transport of blood through the arterial system) and peristalsis (involuntary movement that progresses food through our digestive system)

The most important means of pumping lymph fluid effectively, is through muscle and joint pumping, which comes from movement and rebounding exercise. The Lymphaciser is absolutely, ideal, for this and was purposely put together, to assist muscle pumping which in turn improves our whole lymphatic transport. When lymphatic transport is improved, waste products are more effectively removed, fluid levels are kept in balance and the lymphatic system is better able to defend the body against pathogens. All great reasons to bounce your way back to better lymphatic health.

Aerobic Activity

When an exercise makes your heart and lungs work more rapidly it begins to improve the fitness of your entire body. Blood circulation is enhanced, and more red blood cells are created to carry life-giving oxygen to your body cells. As the heart and lungs become more efficient, the heart is enabled to do the same work with less effort i.e. fewer beats and your body’s resistance to disease, fatigue, stress, and pain is enormously improved. Your most effective means of achieving these benefits is by aerobic activity. We believe one of the most effective and effortless ways of doing this is to regularly use our Lymphaciser.

Electromagnetic Energy

As a compass will tell you, magnetic fields go around the earth from north to south. When you put an armature in a magnetic field, you convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is how electrical generators are made. You can generate energy by using your body as an armature and moving up and down through the earth’s magnetic field. This balances the energy systems of the body (as shown by checking with electro-acupuncture machines), helping relieve pain and causing healing to take place. The design of the Natural Therapies Antic-Static RH36 and RH48 Lymphaciser incorporates the laws of harmony and balance. Through its unique spring configuration, a radionic energy field is generated that is in harmony with the earth’s magnetic field. This is why Lymphacisers are sprung differently for northern and southern hemispheres. Now you have the best answer possible for optimum energy from your body, which can be in balance through regular use of your Natural Therapies Anti-Static RH48 Lymphaciser. It’s the one that you can rely on!

Static Electricity Reduction (Lymphaciser & Static Electricity TAPS Approval No. JD8402)

  1. Your body is continually exposed to the effects of static electricity. This negative electro-magnetic energy is created by movement, like cars and planes and by electricity moving along a wire. It accumulates in your body from all electrical apparatus, including computers, TVs, underground cables, fluorescent lights, photocopiers, high tension wires, switchboards, food processors; the list goes on and on.
  2. Static electricity is something that is relatively new to humankind; at least it is new to us in the vast amounts that we are exposed to, because of our modern lifestyles. Electricity is evident when removing a garment made from a synthetic material. That cracking sound is caused by large amounts of static being released. This static may build up and be stored in the body. Travelling motor vehicles can also cause static build up in the body, as can wearing rubber soled shoes which will prevent static draining from the body. Another major producer of static is electrical wiring; static is produced simply by the movement of electricity along cables or wires, every home appliance, every electric light, every TV creates a field of static around it.
  3. Static electricity interferes with the enzyme action of digestion, the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the blood stream and the electrical generating function of the cells (the sodium potassium pump). This causes plasma protein to become trapped around the cells and unless removed by a healthy lymphatic system, the problems of pain, loss of energy and degenerative diseases may ensue.
  4. A person with a high static level can feel irritable, tense, on edge, unable to unwind, have the jitters or a high degree of nervous tension and be unaware of cellular starvation in the body which may be causing other problems to manifest.
  5. Think of some of the synthetic clothes you might wear; you know the distinctive crackle when you take them off. Superficial static will leave the body by being earthed, or by your walking bare footed on the ground. Rubber, plastic, or nylon soled shoes insulate you from the ground stopping this process. However, deep seated static is much more complex and needs to be worked or drained out for your body to stay healthy.
  6. Fortunately, the new Anti-Static Lymphaciser may help work loose deep-seated static by the special action of the clockwise and anti-clockwise winding of the springs. Plus, the Lymphaciser is earthed through the anti-static feet. Step off the Lymphaciser with bare feet and earth yourself too. All these facts have been proven by special static detection equipment. The Natural Therapies Anti-Static RH48 Lymphaciser is the one that we recommend in helping the process of minimising anti-static electricity in our body. Deep seated static is not easily removed and so it must be worked out. This is the very reason we have designed the Natural Therapies Anti-Static Lymphaciser, the RH48, which uses the energy generated by bouncing to create a downward spiral of energy which draws the deep-seated static from the body, helping to restore balance and harmony to the system. We have been able to measure the level of static in the body with very sensitive static detection equipment, which showed a complete discharge of static after only a few minutes bouncing and then stepping down onto an earthing surface in bare feet. The design of the Anti-Static Lymphaciser uses the basic laws of Light and of Harmonics to produce a powerful healing effect, as we have witnessed by the removal of static from the body. At this stage we are just beginning to understand the significance of static electricity in health and disease as there is so little information available yet. However, it will become more and more a major health hazard as we progress in this technological age. TAPS approval No. JD8402


The Natural Therapies anti-static RH48 Lymphaciser is the ultimate in design perfection. It is in total balance and in true harmony with nature and the universal laws of magnetic energy. The design of a rebounder is critical if it is going to work correctly and benefit you totally. The way the springs are connected, the spring angles and alignment, the tension of the mat, the cushioning, the responsiveness, the energy dynamics of design, all work in concert to make a rebounder that works or one that does not. You can dramatically see this when you compare rebounders side by side. Shorter legs do not work. When you check the resistive strength of muscles, those rebounders that muscle test weak will drain the vital life energy, making you feel wiped out when used and will give you discomfort, backache, headache, and pain. You need to be aware of these aspects before you spend money on a rebounder, which may look similar but does not work the same. Do not compromise your health and fitness whatever the price of cheap alternatives. You will be glad you chose a Natural Therapies Anti-Static RH48 Lymphaciser. It will give you excellent results. It has worked so effectively for so many people.


It really depends upon personal preference but if you weigh up to 70 kg, then the light 48 spring is recommended. If you are over 70 kg, we would recommend the 48-heavy spring but either model of 48 spring would be fine. If you are big the heavy 48 spring would maintain mat tension longer than would the light 48 spring. If you are light, you might like less tension in the mat and so prefer the light 48 spring.


You will want to take a few minutes each day to lymphacise, it is so easy, convenient, safe, and fun, as you bounce – bounce – bounce to your favourite music; it is just like dancing! With every Lymphaciser, we provide information on the best way to exercise. Jog off your toes while lifting your knees and driving the opposite foot into the mat which gives you the beneficial bounce of rebounding.

Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ Recommendations

It has been recommended that the mat fibres be aligned north south west east for best performance but I had used a Lymphaciser for many years to incredibly good effect before I became aware of that recommendation. I believe that it is the rebounding motion below 4-Gs that is most beneficial as NASA has researched and that every bounce is beneficial. I also believe that trampolining over 4-Gs could be less beneficial and that trampolining on a Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ could cause springs to break or cause short webbings to pull away from the mat. I do align the mat fibres north south west east on my own Lymphaciser as it is just as easy to do as not to. When I manufacture Natural Therapies Lymphacisers™ I sew a leather patch on the mat in line with the fibres to make it easier for clients.

The six legs do screw off the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ ring if you ever wanted them to. I leave mine permanently set up in my lounge where I use it daily and I recommend that you do same. If it was ever in the way then it can stand on its side against two legs ends, or it can be lent against a wall.

There are two models of Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ to best suit your body weight. It really depends upon personal preference but if you weigh under 70 kg, I recommend the light 48 spring Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™. If you are over 70 kg, I recommend the heavy 48 spring but either model would be fine. If you are big the heavy 48 spring would maintain mat tension longer than would the light 48 spring and if you are light you might like less tension in the mat and so prefer the light 48 spring.

The more that you lift your knees while jogging off the front of your feet, then the more that you will work the springs and the more that you will get out of lymphacising on a Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ in my experience.

There is information about the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ posted on my website that references books on the subject. There is also information posted on DONZ Natural OPC® Super Antioxidant that I recommend to you in conjunction with lymphacising. I have heard recommendations about both products from clients for over three decades.

The Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ is more than just a rebounder. There are numerous different rebounders in the world but there is only one Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™. It has been designed and tested with input from several different people over 5 decades to create the ultimate health promoting Lymphaciser with the greatest healing effect and without producing any side effects.

I believe that the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ could be most beneficial for you and that it is the best exercise that you could be doing daily to maintain your health and fitness. I have one in my lounge for that reason, and I use it daily. I now encourage all to lymphacise daily on the original Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™.

I recommend that you could start lymphacising for a few minutes three times daily and build up to lymphacising for 10 minutes three times daily. I have done up to half an hour lymphacising 3 times daily, but I have been lymphacising for 30 plus years and in those early days I was committed to regaining my health. 

Of late I have been lymphacising for half an hour or longer before bed and/or before breakfast for my health maintenance. I jog off my toes while lifting my knees and driving the opposite foot into the mat which gives me the beneficial bounce of rebounding. I hold a light dumbbell in each hand and I simultaneously work my arms and upper body harder than I otherwise would. I then shower and if at night I believe that I sleep more deeply because I have been lymphacising.


Regular lymphacising, increases the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, feeding the cells and produces energy to balance the kinetic energy in the muscles, which in turn helps you feel re-vitalised and re-energised. If, however, your rebounder is not sprung correctly, this may produce subtle jarring, causing stress on the ankles, knees, hips, and spine; trapped plasma proteins may be created throughout the body faster than the lymphatic system can remove them. Cheap rebounders do not work the same for this reason. The Natural Therapies Anti-Static RH48 Rainbow Lymphaciser has been ergonomically evolved to ensure only beneficial results are achieved. It is the one that we have found really works!


Your cells will remain healthy and reproduce themselves over and over provided they have a correct balance of vitamins, minerals and adequate oxygen from the blood supply. These nutrients are drawn into the cell from the lymphatic fluid which in turn carries away metabolic waste. This process is made possible by the sodium potassium pump that generates a rotation of positive and negative ions within each cell, thereby creating an electrical action producing energy. Healthy cells glow with electricity and form an electrical field. Arthur C. Guyton M.D. author of the Textbook of Medical Physiology endorses this understanding, as does the International Society of Lymphology, which comprises top medical research scientists and heads of medical faculties. Under emotional conditions of fear, anger, resentment, and stress; poor nutrition and improper exercise, the blood plasma proteins which hold the water in the blood, may leave the capillaries, enter the spaces around the cells and become trapped there, unable to return to the blood stream. When the blood plasma proteins become trapped in the cellular spaces, there is an incorrect exchange of sodium and potassium, drawing water out of the blood and so the cells become surrounded by fluid. In this state each cell is unable to receive oxygen, causing the electrical generator in the cell to shut down; the cells become damaged; are unable to reproduce themselves and they die. The first warning signs are thirst, loss of energy, pain, sickness and then disease, in this order. One of the most effective ways to keep yourself healthy is to keep your lymphatic system circulating at its optimum level. The best method to do this is to use a Lymphaciser. This is a brand name for a specific rebounder which is built on a truly therapeutic understanding.


The Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ is designed to be used as the exercise instructions demonstrate. The exercises are included with the Lymphaciser in every instance. These exercises do not include using both feet simultaneously as used with a normal trampoline as jumping with both feet simultaneously is not part of the exercise regime and may risk tearing the short webbings away from the mat or possibly even cause springs to break. We recommend that people bounce from the centre of the mat as per design rather than on the outside edge of the mat which could break springs or tear short webbing bindings. If the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ is used according to instructions, your Lymphaciser should provide you with many years of enjoyment. If misused and exercise instructions for use/misuse are not followed, then the manufacturer or the supplier would be exempt from responsibility.


The following books answer specific questions about the positive effects of rebound exercise.

JUMP FOR JOY, by James R. White, PhD. A comprehensive and scientifically accurate book about aerobic exercise and the benefits. Based on 2,300 case studies over a period of three and a half years in the research laboratory at the University of California, San Diego.

A SIMPLE ANSWER TO FITNESS FOR ALL AGES, by James W. Fisk, MD, DCH, MRCGP. Dr Fish specialises in his Hamilton, New Zealand, practice on the medical treatment of spinal problems. His book stresses the value of rebounding for these cases and outlines a safe and effective programme for people who want to maintain their general fitness, lose weight, and/or control their blood pressure.

THE GOLDEN SEVEN PLUS ONE, by Dr C. Samuel West, DN, ND, Chemist and Lymphologist. Dr West’s book explains how pain, loss of energy and disease starts in the body, and how we can prevent and reverse these conditions by “the art of lymphasizing.”

THERE IS LIFE AFTER 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, by John r. Wheeler, MED, BSc, MCSP, Dip. TP, MNZSP. Your personal guide to health and well-being with rebound exercise. John Wheeler, a highly qualified Physiotherapist and Sports Scientist has had bounce aerobics classes in his gymnasium in Hastings, New Zealand, for years. All ages are included, even 80-year-olds!

THE MIRACLES OF REBOUND EXERCISE by Albert E. Carter. Over one million copies sold, “The Miracles” is the basic book for any rebounder anxious to engage in his or her favourite pastime. It explains why rebound exercise is so popular and the three powerful forces put to work for your benefit.

LOOKING GOOD, FEELING GREAT by Karol Kahn Truman. A practical and comprehensive book about how to get the best from your rebound exerciser. Easy to read and well set out for effective reference. Karol Truman has been a student of physical fitness and nutrition for over twenty years.

ACU ENERGY by Patti C. Lloyd. This book investigates holistic techniques of working with energy centres in the body. Herbal remedies are combined with rebounding principles to allow self-healing to take place.

BOUNCERCIZE by Georgia Blosil. A small exercise book showing different routines and ways of using your rebounder.

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