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Debs Chase-Paterson


“The Majority of disturbances & organic involvements from colds to fever, have a bearing upon the lymphatic system and it is quite impossible to consider any organic disturbances that does not include lymphatic change”.  (F.P. Millard – Applied Anatomy of the Lymphatics).

Debs Chase-Paterson is qualified in the following therapies which include:

  • Lymphoedema, Lipoedema, Post Surgery Swelling, Post Cancer Therapies, Fluid Retention  (Certified Dr Vodder MLD | CDT)
  • Naturopathic Consultations (Qualified Naturopath/Herbalist)
  • Reflexology & Foot Joint Mobilization Therapy (Qualified)
  • Fascial Kinetics Bowen (Qualified)

Overwhelmed Lymphatic Transport and resulting in failure to successfully clear excess fluid and debris from the interstitial spaces, can happen through lack of exercise (the Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™ is specifically recommended for this);following surgery, obesity, muscular tension, following removal of lymph nodes, menopause, after radiation therapy, immobility, unhelpful dietary habits, and more. 

Dr. Vodder’s method of Lymph drainage and decongestive therapy is specifically beneficial for an overwhelmed, defective, or congested lymphatic system and uses light repetitive, slow and rhythmic movements that follow the natural lymphatic pathways, enhancing toxin elimination of dead cells, bacteria, virus, excessive protein and fluids around the cells improving circulation and reduction of excessive fluid. 

CLINIC LOCATED @ 28 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke 3119 (opposite the BP Service station).

TO BOOK: Please text 0274 839713 to book an appointment and please state the nature of the therapy you are wanting to book – thank you.

ENQUIRIES: Please email or text 0274839713 


Our club is located in a private space downstairs, in the Natural Therapy Building, 28 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke 3119.  

DEBS PILATE REFORMER CLUB - what is it and how does it work?

Debs Pilate Reformer Club originated in response to my own need. I have attended reformer classes for years, going faithfully once a week, with a great instructor.  However, the rest of the week I was unable to use a reformer as it was too costly to attend another class the same week and I had nowhere to go where I could do my own sessions. I realised other people may have the same dilemma.  So, I purchased two excellent, well-padded reformers, a screen, add-on equipment including padded boxes, jump boards, back rolls, balls, blocks, small weights & stretch bands then set up reformer programs to match individual needs ensuring lower cost options. Our club centre provides a comfortable, private lounge area, kitchen, and rest room for your exclusive use. A calendar system makes it easy to manage your own bookings online.

Our club has a choice of You-tube programs to follow from beginners, intermediate and advance reformer classes and is self-directed.  If starting out for the first time, we advise attending with someone who has already done Pilates classes or has attended beginner sessions with a Pilates Instructor first. We have set up the screen to deliver a wide range of programs including great programs that are specific to certain parts of the body you may want to concentrate on strengthening or lengthening.  Alternatively, you can work your own pace and use your own routine. Discounts are given if you are booking with a friend, and we have a club loyalty card.


If you need support for joint mobility, preventative health support or to enhance wellbeing, then take advantage of other options within our centre to use within the 60 minute, time allocation.  Full list of equipment in our centre:

  • Pilate reformers
  • Balance Boards
  • Zen Chi Devices (one has adjustment mode for wave strength)
  • Osteo Dynamic Motion equipment
  • Deep Foot Massage therapy device with or without heat
  • 48 Spring NZ manufactured, Natural Therapies Lymphaciser™

EASY - just book through our online calendar, choose your date and time and enjoy your 60 minutes using the reformers and/or our available devices and equipment.  Please bring along clean grip socks to ensure good hygiene when using our equipment.  We supply natural sanitising spray for cleaning the equipment after use - thank you. Prices below are per person. 

1 hour - includes the use of all equipment in our Club Centre

$22 Single session

$18 Bring a friend!

Club Loyalty card as shown on the back of the business cards, are signed each visit with the 10th session free.

| Affordable | Fun | Bring a mate | Book when it suits you | Feel the difference!

NOTE: The photos on our site are not the actual photos of the Club but demonstrate exercises using the reformer. 

You are important.  Every thing you do is important.  
Every time you forgive, the universe changes, every time you reach out and touch a heart or a life, the world changes.

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Reflexology or Foot Joint Mobilization therapy with Debs Chase-Paterson.  Debs Chase-Paterson is a Naturopath/Herbalist and is qualified in many modalities including Dr. Vodder Manual lymph Drainage Therapy, Bowen Fascial Kenetics and Remedial Massage...
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